Sunday, April 12, 2009

Give My Regards to Broadway

We attended Emily's choir concert with the Oregon Children's Choir a few weeks ago. They did a medley of Broadway songs.

They did Sound of Music...
Annie (she's a fancily dressed orphan)...

Grease, and many other Broadway musicals. They had a lot of fun, and did a good job.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally, a Nine !

Leilani had her last meet of the season yesterday, and she definitely ended it with a bang. She has improved so much since her first meet. (Actually she has improved a lot since her meet a few weeks ago. She has been taking private lessons to work on her form, and it has really paid off) She got her first 9 score in Level 5 competition yesterday. She got a 9.1 on floor, which was the highest score all day on her entire team. Here is her winning routine:

Leilani improved over a point on her bar routine score since her last meet.

And her vault is actually looking like a vault these days. Hurrah !!

We are very proud of her. She took 3rd place in all around and her team took 2nd. She qualified for State, but it is on Sunday, so she has decided not to compete. We are proud of her for that decision too. Way to go, Lani !!