Monday, July 26, 2010

A Summer of Softball

All 3 of our girls played softball this summer, and Alan coached Elisabeth's t-ball team, so it kept life busy.


Leilani was still able to pitch this year - which is her favorite position. Her coach used her a lot in the "closer" position - as a relief pitcher to finish the game. But she got to be the starter a few times also. If she is having a good day, she can throw strike upon strike!
When she wasn't pitching, she played short stop, 2nd base or outfield.
She improved her batting by putting more power behind it this year. She was also a ball "magnet." She got hit by the ball more than any other person on the team. I'm not sure she had even one game that she didn't get hit by a pitch.
She was quick to steal and run once she got on base.
The work all paid off over the season. Her team took the gold medal (first place) in their league.
We were very proud of her, and can't wait for next season!


Emilyanne played her first year of actual softball - where the girls do the pitching - so there were lots of walks.
But when she got on base, she ran as fast as she could to steal and score runs.
Emily rotated between 2nd base and outfield. By the end of the season, she was making some great plays at 2nd.
She did a good job backing up the pitcher and getting the ball where it needed to be.
The hard work paid off for her team too. The took the silver medal (2nd place) in their division. Emily had to miss the final game, because it was on Sunday, but she was able to get her awards at the team party.


Elisabeth played t-ball, so she got to play all the positions. If they could stop the ball and throw it somewhere, they were doing well. :)

Getting to wear the catcher's mask and put the balls on the tee was always fun. Especially when the last batter just ran the bases and let you tag her out for practice!

Elisabeth's team did a great job hitting off the tee this year.

They didn't steal bases, but they ran as fast as they could once the ball was hit. They don't even keep score at this age, so there are no playoffs, but they had a good time playing ball.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We didn't go to any big fireworks shows this year. Instead, we just did fireworks in Grandma's backyard and watched the neighborhood displays (some of which were pretty spectacular!)

It was a good time with family. We celebrated Travis' birthday and our country's birthday at the same time, and had leftovers together for days :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Breakfast

We started Saturday, July 3rd very early at the ward 4th of July breakfast. It was held at Emerald Park, which is always fun for the kids.
We had fun eating with cousins ans playing with friends.

Dad helped cook the breakfast, and was decked out in his Mickey Mouse finery!
The young women did their traditional face painting. Leilani was excited to be one of the people doing the actual painting this year.

The playground provided lots of fun!

Alan and I in our matching patriotic Mickey T's. We didn't play as hard as the kids, but we still had fun!