Sunday, August 14, 2011

Star Wars Night at the Ems

We went to Star Wars night at the Ems baseball game last week.
It was a lot of fun! They had a star wars character representing each of the Ems players.
They had the "rebels" playing against the "empire" on the scoreboard, and they played Star Wars music and video clips.
We brought Grandma with us - she and Leilani did not dress up in costume for the occasion.
Benjamin, however, wore his clone trooper costume to the game.
Emily and Elisabeth wore jedi robes (they are actually padawans). Cousin Natalie didn't have a costume, but she still managed to have fun. :)
There were lots of different Star Wars characters to have pictures taken with. Leilani was excited that the Storm Trooper let her hold his gun!
Alan and I got in a few pictures too. He is not as big a Star Wars fan as I am, but he is supportive. Besides, how often does his wife actually ask to go to a baseball game?!!

One of the jedi masters asked if she could get a picture with my little padawans. I guess they don't have a lot of girls dress up?
My sister Kari and I were excited to have our pictures too. We even did it without the kids!
Benjamin was the most excited, however. He kept watching for more characters to come out during the entire game.
Little Tanner had fun too. He didn't dress up, but he did get a couple pictures with a Jedi and the wookie.
It was fun. At one point they had Darth Vader out on the field having a lightsaber duel with Sluggo the bear (the Emerald's mascot). They had some jawas race around the field, and they had Princess Leia and some other characters too. My kids are already to go again next year (it is an annual event), and have decided which costumes we need to get between now and then.