Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Ideas For My Husband and Kids

I have been saving and printing Easter ideas for my family, and decided to blog them. I usually wait until I have made them to share, but I figured maybe someone else could use the ideas this year if I post early enough. I will have to put my own pictures up of the finished product when I complete them.

I love this Easter egg bouquet found here:

It combines candy and Easter eggs - with love notes inside each egg.  She even has printable love notes and banners to help this craft along.  You could even hide the eggs for a scavenger hunt (egg hunt I guess) instead.  But the notes are definitely for husband only!!!  (I am really loving this website!  Signing up for their emails was a good thing for my family and marriage)

I also love this pop bottle dressed as a bunny found here:

I am thinking about making one for my husband and kids.  It would be something different than what they usually get, and they all LOVE pop!

This link has a fun printable bag topper to do a bag of cotton candy and then label it bunny cotton tails.

It also has a fun pin the tail on the rabbit game to print out.

I also have Easter treat ideas on my Pinterest, and a cool Easter egg garland to make (out of plastic eggs).
The garland can be found here:  along with other cute decorating ideas.
 I thought I had a lot of time until Easter, until I realized that March ends a week from today. So, I decided I better get busy!  :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frozen - A Scavenger Hunt

We bought the movie Frozen today.  (For those of you who are hesitant because of some of the controversy out there, I saw it with Leilani, and I thought it was a good - clean - movie.)  I am going to wait and give it to the kids next week for spring break (only Leilani has seen it, and she LOVED it), and I found the cutest scavenger hunt that someone made up to use on a blog called "My Sister's Suitcase."   You can find it here:

I am going to cut out the cards (love free printables!), set them on a scavenger hunt, and they will find the movie at the end.  Hurray!  A fun, easy activity to keep them entertained.  Just thought I would share in case anyone else wanted to use it.

St. Patrick's Day 2014

I had a good time with St. Patrick's day this year.  I have been inspired by Pinterest lately.  I made a cute "pot of gold" appreciation for my husband, cute notes that went in my kids' lunchboxes, cute notes for my primary class, and two decorations for my house.  I also did Elisabeth's hair really cute in "shamrock" style. 
 My Husband
 I found this cute and easy printable to use for my husband's gift.  I downloaded it here:   Technically you are supposed to sign up for their emails to have access to this printable, but I can forward you the email with the password if you are interested.  Just let me know.
 After you cut out the hearts, you are supposed to write something that you love about your spouse on each one.  Then you punch a hole in them and tie them together.  I used a small metal ring that I had around.
 You finish it by filling a container with gold wrapped candy - because the last heart says "you are my pot of gold" - and putting the stack of hearts in it.
This is how mine turned out.  I was pretty lazy with the container, but my husband loved it anyway!

My Kids
 I found these printable St Patrick's day notes here:  She has plain ones to write your own notes with, and printed ones that you have to finish the sentence.
 I used the already printed ones, and then personalized it for each kid.
I attached one of these gold candies from the dollar store, and slipped it in their lunch box as a surprise.  They were pretty happy.  Benjamin and Elisabeth came running to the car excited and thanking me when I picked them up.  The two older girls were more nonchalant about it, but you could tell they liked it.

My Primary Class

 For my primary class, I used these free jar lid printables that I found here:  ( I think you actually have to "like" her facebook page to access her free printables, but it is totally worth it!  She has lots of cute ones listed, and adds new ones periodically).
I added the words "in primary" at the bottom, and glued one of the gold candies from the dollar store on it.  I actually handed these out in my class on Sunday, since it was the day before, but I don't think the kids cared that it wasn't actually the real day.

My Crafts
 I bought some wood frames at Goodwill to paint and frame some of the free printables that I have found online.
 I found these two St. Patrick printables that I really liked.  I found the "kiss me" one here:  (she has other cute ideas too)  and the St. Patick subway art here: (she has the same subway art available in several color combos)
 This craft went fairly quickly.  I painted the frames, and popped the artwork in.

Quick and easy!  It doesn't get any better than that.

Elisabeth's Hair
This is how we did Elisabeth's hair.  I didn't take a picture in the morning, I forgot, so this is how it looked at the end of the day.  A few of  the rubber bands had broken, and the hearts falling out a bit, but overall not too bad.
It was supposed to look like this, but I am not a pro obviously.  Elisabeth recently got her hair cut, and it was really hard to do the heart shapes on her short hair.  I needed to wet and gel her hair first, but we didn't leave enough time.  Also, when we put her hair in a ponytail, it didn't leave enough hair for the hearts, so we had to do a half pony tail instead.  Oh well, it will be fantastic next year.  People still seemed to think it was cute.

We have never really celebrated this holiday much, but I think I will from now on.  I already have some cute placemats saved for next year, and several ideas in my Pinterest folder.  It was kind of fun to make the day special for everyone.