Sunday, January 25, 2015

CTR Primary 3 Lesson 2 - Heavenly Father Trusts Us to Follow His Plan

I am still a primary teacher of the CTR 7 class.  I didn't do very well posting my handouts each week last year, but the ones I did post seemed to get a lot of hits.  So I will try and be better about it this year...because I know I am grateful for the ideas other people share with me!

For this lesson I didn't want to do the badge suggested in the manual, because we just wore a name badge in the last lesson.  I found this fun handout to color and fill out instead.  I think it will be a lot more appealing for my class.

I found these as a free download at this site:  She always has a lot of resources available.
I also made them CTR crowns to go along with the story of the prince and the poem about being a prince/princess as a child of God.  I am going to hook string to them so they can wear them.

I found these crowns as a free download at this site:  She has prince and princess ones, as well as blank CTR crowns.  She creates a lot of cute handout ideas.
I also wanted to give them something to take home that illustrated the Plan of Salvation.  I found a cute little printable book from a 2005 friend.  It didn't take very long to cut, fold and glue, and it has scriptures that can be looked up with each picture.  My 9 year old asked me if he could have one if I had any extra, so I think my kids in my class will like them. 

I am actually pretty excited about this lesson.  I think the kids will really enjoy it!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Memorizing Scriptures As A Family

I found this awesome blog today, which inspired me to try memorizing scriptures with my family.  She started memorizing one scripture a month with her family last year, and she said it had all sorts of positive results.  So, she is doing it again this year, and she has partnered with a friend to make 8x10 sheets with pictures and words to use with your family as you memorize the scripture she posts each month.  Talk about making it easy for me to start!  I just have to print and go!  I guess the only bad thing is that I have to do whatever scriptures she chooses, but I like the ones she has up for January.  She chose one from the Bible and one from the Book of Mormon, so people could choose what they want to learn from.  I think we are going to do both, since I am an overachiever.  :) 

Here is the link to her blog:   Her blog is called "Capturing Joy"

These are the two scriptures she chose for January 2015:

She is going to try and post the ones for the next month on the last Sunday of the month.
 I am going to start this with my family tomorrow.  I hope they are as excited as I am!  Wish me luck!