Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Reading Programs and Rewards

I've been looking for programs that will reward my kids for reading this summer. I thought I would share what I have found so far. If you know of any others, please let me know!

1) Chuck E. Cheese

If the kids fill out the reading chart for 2 weeks, they can turn it in for 10 free tokens. You can only turn in one chart per day, but the program doesn't expire until December 2010. So, you could get tokens every two weeks. (If you can get your kids in and out of there with only 10 tokens, it is probably a good deal. LOL)

2) Borders

This one is for kids 12 and under. You read any 10 books, list them on the form, and take the form to Borders by Aug. 26, 2010 and pick a free book from their special selections.

3) Scriptures for Kids

This one is for families wanting to promote scripture reading this summer. It is a summer scripture challenge sponsored by Deseret Book. They want to promote reading the Book of Mormon. They have ideas for a kick off family home evening, and various printable reading charts (based on reading ability and length of time you want to do it). At the end of the challenge they will have certificates to be printed, a wall of fame, and the possibility of winning gift certificates to Deseret Book. It ends August 31.

4) Barnes and Noble

At Barnes and Noble, you only have to read 8 books. Just print out the passport on their website (or pick one up at the store), fill in your books and information and take it to the book store before September 7, 2010.

5) If your child reads 10 books over the summer, you can order them an official Oregon summer reader certificate. The certificate has the national Collaborative Summer Library Program artwork on it and is signed by the State Librarian and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

6) If you go to the public library and sign up for their summer reading program, you get a free book for each child.

They give teens free books too.

And they have a summer reading program for adults.

The nice thing about these programs is that you can over lap them. For example, while reading your books for Border, you can count the time for Chuck E. Cheese. Hopefully these programs will help keep my kids motivated the entire summer!

Fire Trucks and Ice Cream -

We recently went to a fundraiser at Baskin Robbins for the volunteer fire department. Scoops of ice cream were only .39 cents, and the kids got to climb in and see the fire trucks.
Alan was nice enough to get in line for ice cream while the kids and I toured the fire trucks.
Ben, of course, was in heaven! He had to pretend he was driving every truck they had.
The girls all wanted to try driving too.

After the kids had their tour of the fire trucks and asked every question they could think of to the firemen (and women), we went in and had ice cream. It is not often you can get two scoops for under a dollar these days! It was a fun - and economical - night :)