Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hidden Mickeys

If you aren't already convinced that we are a Disney family, check out this stain the kids found on the living room carpet. Does it remind you of a certain mouse? :) Alan and I were laughing when they showed it to us.

We also noticed that the plug and the power pack on my lap top resemble Mickey Mouse.

My kids are now hunting through the house with my camera to see what else they can find. They are legitimately doing school work, since this was an assignment from their Disney homeschool that they had to turn in today (Yes, my kids are enrolled in an online school called the Magical Mouse Schoolhouse...I told you we were a Disney family! This month's focus was how the Disney Imagineers work hidden Mickeys into the architecture and decor of the rides, restaurants and other areas of the theme parks. In the past they have studied science (fog and dew point on the Rivers of America area for instance), history (the Sailing Ship Columbia for instance) and literature using Disney themes too.), but it is still funny to see them go around and find these things in my house.
Does anyone see the hidden mickey they came up with in my drying dishes? Look around your house. Who knows what you may find!