Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Divine Comedy - spoofs of popular songs

Working with the youth has introduced me to several songs that I probably never would have heard otherwise. Some of them I like, and some of them I don't. Recently I was introduced to a comedy group from from BYU called BYU Divine Comedy. They have done some spoofs of popular songs using college life at BYU, and they are pretty funny. I am going to share my favorites below. If you haven't heard the original songs, seen the original videos, or gone to BYU, you may not find them funny...but then again, you might!

This song is a spoof on Katy Perry's "California Gurls" (which several of my Mia Maids loved this summer - my husband and I heard it many times to and from trek) If you aren't familiar with the song, Snoop Dogg the rapper is a guest on it, which explains the guy at the beginning. They call it "Provo, UT Girls"

This song is a spoof of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" They even spoof Joe Jonas, who did a video imitating Beyonce dancing to this song. (Don't ask me why I know this - I work with teenagers, remember?!)

This one is a spoof of Miley Cyrus' song "Party in the USA" They call it "Party by BYUSA"

The singers do a good job copying some of the actions and mannerisms of the singers they are spoofing, as well as parts of the original videos (not that I would ever admit to actually seeing any of these videos of questionable virtue - they are not praiseworthy or of good report :) ) Some of their comedy sketches are pretty funny too. You can see them on You Tube. Alan and I enjoyed their performance of Les Miserables set at BYU.