Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome Spring! - Our First Snow Day

We celebrated the second day of spring with a big snowfall - the biggest one we have had all winter. The official measurement was 7 1/2" at the airport. I never measured our yard, but I think we got at least 4" if not more. Alan is usually our official measurer, but he was on a business trip to Louisiana and missed all the fun. The kids were out of school for two days, and there was still snow left to have a snowball fight with Dad when he got home two days later.
It rained all day, but it didn't really melt the snow that much at first. I didn't take pictures until around noon, but there was still a lot of snow - especially for March 22.

Benjamin was pretty excited. He had just been complaining a day or two before that he never even got to make a snowman this year, or play in the snow or anything. Then he was in heaven for two days.

Leilani immediately started building a snow fort. She spent a lot of time building the walls block by block.

The daffodills, blossoms and other spring flowers seem to have survived the snowfall, but it was funny to see them covered up.

We lost a couple of branches off our trees, but our damage wasn't bad compared to other parts of town. Chris and Tricia were without power for a few days, but ours didn't even go out. It was a shame after the snow melted, though, to see all the branches with beautiful blossoms on them through out the area that were lost to the storm.
Emily spent her time trying to build a snow fort that was bigger than Leilani's fort.

The kids had plenty of snow to build with, but they got pretty wet in the rain, so they gave up after a while and came in to dry off and drink hot chocolate.
The second day was sunny and dry (although not warm), so they finished their snow forts and had a snowball fight. Leilani's got knocked over a few times, so it was not a big as Emily's fort.
Emily's fort was pretty solid, and lasted a few days. Benjamin started out as her partner, but cousin Isabella ended up finishing the job with her while Benjamin built a snowman.
He was pretty proud of his snowman, and he can't wait until next year to build another one!
Elisabeth built a mini snowman, but then she decided to join Leilani's side for the snowball fight.
The kids had a good time, and it was a fun way to spend a few days before spring break. They ended up going to school Friday, and then starting spring break officially on Monday.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hidden Mickeys

If you aren't already convinced that we are a Disney family, check out this stain the kids found on the living room carpet. Does it remind you of a certain mouse? :) Alan and I were laughing when they showed it to us.

We also noticed that the plug and the power pack on my lap top resemble Mickey Mouse.

My kids are now hunting through the house with my camera to see what else they can find. They are legitimately doing school work, since this was an assignment from their Disney homeschool that they had to turn in today (Yes, my kids are enrolled in an online school called the Magical Mouse Schoolhouse...I told you we were a Disney family! This month's focus was how the Disney Imagineers work hidden Mickeys into the architecture and decor of the rides, restaurants and other areas of the theme parks. In the past they have studied science (fog and dew point on the Rivers of America area for instance), history (the Sailing Ship Columbia for instance) and literature using Disney themes too.), but it is still funny to see them go around and find these things in my house.
Does anyone see the hidden mickey they came up with in my drying dishes? Look around your house. Who knows what you may find!