Saturday, January 30, 2010

Somebody's Family Photos...

We have some old pictures lying around that are not of any of our relatives. They are old pictures that have been handed down from somebody's misson, school days or travels. So what do I do with them? I can't throw them away! They are somebody's family. I am sure someone would be thrilled to find them. We lost a lot of photos when my parents' house burned down, and I am sure any of us would be glad to get pictures people might have of our family. But how do I get the pictures to those people? I did a search of the internet, and there are photo sharing websites, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. So, if you know of any websites set up for this kind of information - please let me know. If not, maybe I will set up my own little site for that purpose. Anyone besides me have these kind of photos sitting around? (I got them from my parents) In the meantime, I will post a few of these pictures and the information I have. Maybe someone will come across it in Google. LOL
I am guessing this is an old mission photo. It is a postcard. It is stamped "From Burkey Bro's Studios, 106 1-2 E. Main St., Muncie, Ind. 108 1-2 (I can't read the whole name of the street) Elwood (I can't make out the state). This photo is labeled on the back as follows: 1913 1) Elder John E. Danielson Heber, Utah 2) Elder John T (I can't tell if the T is a middle initial or the first letter of the last name) (and actually, I am not sure of the next letter so I will leave a space - maybe someone else can read it below) _ raner Oakley, Idaho 3) Elder Nels Butter Santaquin, Utah 4) Elder John (not sure of the middle letter - maybe a G?) Bybee Ucon, Idaho
This one is another mission photo. It is also labeled Muncie, Indiana. The back says: Sis Johnson, Elder Nielsen, Sis Capson (I think that is a "p") At the dore (?) of the red _____ ? (I have no idea what that word says - onons is what it looks like to me - see below) hall where we hold meetings. Sunday Oct. 31 1915

This picture is also a postcard. It seems to be a mission photo too. It has the date 1911 ? on the back (the question mark is written next to the date). It has a note written on the back : Bro & Sister Shackley how ar you all. I hope you ar all well. I will be in Crowfsville (totally guessing on some of those letters - see below) this weak hope to hear from you. I will say God Bless you all Elder Pope (I think that third letter is a "p")