Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Primary 2 CTR A Lesson 10 - I can speak with Heavenly Father in prayer

For this primary lesson, I used some of the ideas from this website: http://www.laughingandlosingit.net/primary-2-lesson-10-i-can-speak-with-heavenly-father-in-prayer/

I made a large boy who could fold his arms and raise his hand, to demonstrate how we can act reverently.

Then I made smaller ones for the kids in my class to have.
I made enough for each girl and boy in my class.  I used gold paper holding brads to hold the arms together at the shoulder and elbow.
The kids loved them!  They all made sure that their person had their arms folded for the closing prayer.
I glued this poem about prayer on to the back of each of the handouts (the boys and girls above).  It is also found on the website above.  It is originally in color, but I printed it grayscale. 
I also had the kids color the picture of the praying children that is found at the back of the lesson.  I had some other activities ready, but we ran out of time by the time we sang, went through the steps of prayer, and told the stories.  It turned out to be a good lesson for my class.