Sunday, May 8, 2011

Urashima Taro - the fisherman

The 2nd grade play this year was Urashima Taro - which is the name of a fisherman who saves a turtle and then visits an undersea kingdom and then goes home to find out that 300 years has passed and everyone he knew is dead.

Elisabeth was a narrator and the sea princess.

The kids had to learn their parts in both English and Japanese, because they did the play twice - once in English and once in Japanese.

Elisabeth sang a solo in Japanese. She did a great job!

The kids also played the taiko drums.

A funny thing happened after the play. Alan had been on a business trip to Louisiana and just got home in time for the play that night. I cut my hair off while he was gone (above my shoulders). So, I was taking pictures of Elisabeth with her teachers after the play, and Alan came up behind me and said, "I'm embarrassed because I couldn't find you. I was looking for you and looking for you and then I remembered that you had short hair now." I asked him, "Don't you pay any attention to what I am wearing?" He answered, " That's how I found you. I tried to remember what you were wearing and then I saw you and thought - oh yeah, that is her with the short hair." It made me laugh.