Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were able to several fun family activities for Halloween time this year, even though the kids didn't go trick or treating on Halloween. We went to the school carnival (I think it is something like Hideki Matsui)
The kids had fun posing behind some cardboard cutouts.

Emily was a witch for this night...
and Ben and Elisabeth were pirates.

We also went on our annual hay ride at Thistledown Farm
We had fun going through the corn maze...

and the hay maze too!
Benjamin was excited to be a "pumpkin."

It was really nice weather for the hay ride.
The kids talked their dad into getting 9 pumpkins.
I guess that is one way not to make a decision on which pumpkin you like best :)

For Family Home Evening, we carved those pumpkins.
The older girls designed and carved their own pumpkins.
Emily finished hers ( a spider on a moon), but Leilani never did finish carving hers. It just rotted on the front porch, hollowed out and with no face.
Alan helped the younger kids carve their pumpkins.
Elisabeth had a cyclops face...
Benjamin's face was traditional.

The kids were able to dress up for school on Friday, and participate in various activities.
Emily was a Roman girl,
Elisabeth was a witch,
Leilani was a black cat,
and Benjamin was Tigger. He was Tigger at the ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday too.
Elisabeth was still a witch, but she changed hair. Emily decided to be a genie this time.
We decorated our trunk, and passed out lots of candy.

I handed out candy while Alan walked around with the kids. I guess I never did get a picture of Leilani (she was a fairy), but I think Grandpa did. I had a friend snap a picture of me, though, so there was some record of me :)

On Halloween we just stayed home and ate some fun treats that we made. Emily's "graveyard" treat was a hit! It was a fun night, and we have lots of good memories.