Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What a Mess!

My little candy monster wanted a big Tinkerbell sucker that he saw up in the cupboard. Since the sucker had been there for a while, I thought "Why not? It will keep him entertained for a while." So we put him in his high chair and let him enjoy himself. A little while later, he yelled for me and told me that he was done. I went in the kitchen and here is what I saw:
What a mess!  Some how he had grabbed a cup of water and made his own finger paint to play with.  His shirt, hands, and face were all green and sticky and wet.  However, he had a good time :)  He was very happy and proud of himself!  We sent him up to the bathtub, cleaned up the mess, and disposed of the sucker.  Thankfully he kept most of the mess on himself and the tray!