Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leilani's First Temple Trip

Leilani was able to go on her first youth temple trip the end of March.

It was a very special experience - her Uncle Chris baptized her, her dad and her grandpa confirmed her, and her mom was there to help her out of the font and into the showers.
I can't believe that our first child is old enough to be in Young Women and go on temple trips! But I am glad that I am Young Women's president so that I can be there with her :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring at Crater Lake

We were able to go snow shoeing at Crater Lake before the program closed for the season. We went with both sets of grandparents and took all of the kids.
Everyone went snow shoeing except Grandma Bevans (my mom) and Benjamin. They played in the snow and shopped while they waited for the rest of us.
The girls love to go on this hike. They still remembered most of the Ranger's spiel from last year, so they were the first ones with their hands up to answer questions.
I think Grandma and Grandpa Walker really enjoyed the hike too. It was a perfect sunny spring day, with lots of beautiful scenery.
The ranger asked Elisabeth if she wanted to go, and she eagerly said "yes." The age limit is age 8, so we were planning on having her stay and play with Grandma and Benjamin. She did well, though, and enjoyed going with us.
My dad got tired of waiting for slow people, so sometimes he took off on his own trail to find a great picture or to move up in the line.
It was fun to take pictures and enjoy the outdoors.
I hope this can become an annual family tradition. They provide the snowshoes for free, but my dad thinks we should invest in some (he and Mel and Illene own their own) so we can go hiking without the ranger. I have to admit that would be fun.
When we were done with the hike, they played around in the snow for a bit.
We took some pictures and then met back up with Benjamin and Grandma Bevans.
Benjamin had a good time with Grandma, and enjoyed the day as much as we did, I think. I just wish I could convince the young women that they want to come and try this hike out. I think they would enjoy it!
We stopped for one last picture on the way to the cars, so we could show how deep the snow was. It looks really deep, but they actually have quite a bit less this year than normal. It was a good day, and we really enjoyed the time spent with family.