Friday, October 18, 2013

Playing At the Farm With My Boys

Alan and I took the boys with us out to Lone Pine Farm to do some grocery shopping. After we were done, we played at the farm for a little while before going home.
These boys are definitely "wanted" at this house!!

Robert had a lot of fun just running around and being free.  He even hid from us at one point!  He was hiding behind the leg of the water tower behind him in the picture.  I thought we had lost him.  When Benjamin found him, Robert ran out smiling and laughing.  The little imp :)

Both boys enjoyed petting and feeding the goats.

They also had fun playing on the tractor.
The slides were their favorite thing at the playground.  They went by themselves and they went together...over and over and over. 

We also took pictures in some of the cutouts.  My kids are always good sports about that.  I guess they have been trained since birth!  :)

It was a fun evening, and it was nice to have some fresh produce around the house.  We love corn on the cob, stuffed green peppers, pears and apples.  Mmmmmmmm