Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Modest is Hottest Dance

My two oldest girls went to the church Modest is Hottest dance on Saturday night.  They both looked beautiful, and had a really good time!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter 2016

We started off our Easter weekend on Saturday afternoon at Grandma's house.  All the cousins got together to dye Easter eggs.  As usual, my dad and I were the only adults to dye any eggs.  My older girls got really creative this year, using rubber bands, nylons and pressed flowers to decorate and dye the eggs.  They turned out really nice.
 Robert ended up green after he spilled the container of green dye - but it seems to be tradition for the dye to get spilled, and there were many other colors spilled that afternoon too!
 We didn't know if Benjamin would get back from elk hunting with his Grandpa Bevans and Uncle Chris in time to participate, but they made it home before we were finished.
We finished with plenty of time to get cleaned up and to the General Women's broadcast that night.

 Our stake changed fast Sunday to the week after conference, so the kids could attack their Easter baskets in the morning.  After church we had my dad take some pictures of us.  After all, Leilani probably won't be home for Easter next year.  And I really do try and take pictures of our family on these occasions, because who knows what might happen?  This way I will never regret not having taken a picture when I had the chance.

After pictures, everyone changed clothes and then gathered at Grandma's house for an Easter egg hunt.
 The Easter egg hunt is always fun, and they had 103 eggs to find this year.

 As usual, there was one egg that nobody could find.  Thankfully, Grandma found it a couple days later, so no rotten egg stink this year.
 After the eggs were all found, then it was time for the egg roll.  That is our family's traditional way to crack the eggs for deviled eggs.
 Usually the grown ups do it too, but only the kids rolled  eggs this year.  They had lots of fun, and didn't want to stop.
Once the egg roll was finished, it was time for dinner.  My mom traditionally makes ham and cheesy potatoes for Easter, along with jellos and other side dishes.  There was plenty of food, and then the evening was spent visiting.  We do talk about Easter, and Jesus, and the resurrections, etc.  but it isn't really something that I take pictures of and blog.  Maybe I should write something more about the spiritual side of Easter - so it doesn't seem like we are so secular in our celebration - but I think I will leave that for another time.  It is still hard for me to sit at the computer for very long at this point.