Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

We started the Easter weekend by doing our traditional egg dying at Grandma Bevans' house.
The girls tried all sorts of fancy techniques using paint brushes, duct tape, tissue paper, etc.
 The boys just used the colored dyes.
 Leilani was glad that Easter was late enough that she was out of school and home to join us.

After church on Easter Sunday, we had our traditional family pictures.


Then we did some Easter pictures.

Then my kids got crazy.  I don't know if it was a sugar high or lack of sleep or both, but they were hyped up.
 They bowled with Easter Eggs...
 and they bowled with Leilani.
They also played some version of football - who cares if they are in church clothes!

 When we went home, I wanted to get pictures with the kids and their Easter baskets.  But they didn't want traditional pictures - they wanted something "fun."  So, we got some interesting shots :)

The final outdoor shots were of my gymnast.  She just can't stop.

 Later we went over to Grandma's house for the Easter egg hunt and roll.

 Leilani didn't hunt eggs because she helped hide them.
 Emily helped McKinley find eggs.
 When we found all of the eggs, we did the egg roll.  I am in the blue shirt with the nice stripe down the top of my head.  Maybe someday I will have a head of hair again...

Robert learned really quick NOT to roll his egg, because he didn't want to smash it.  But he still had a good time.  We had a nice dinner afterwards, and enjoyed visiting the rest of the night.

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